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"The Pizza Miracle" Performance Guide

Those skilled in misdirection and magic principles can learn the secrets of Judge Brown's original routine, "The Pizza Miracle."


DS3 Mystery Card

The DS3 Mystery Card contains TWO MIND-BLOWING SCIENTIFIC OPTICAL ILLUSIONS, guaranteed to BAFFLE and AMAZE and more than a half dozen HIDDEN MAGICAL MESSAGES using ARCHAIC SYMBOLS and MODERN CODES developed over some 3,000 years, encompassing everything from ANCIENT WISDOM to SPACE AGE ALGORITHMS.  Fool your senses for hours of fun!

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Wandcraft QR Video Bookmark

Wandcraft cites online magic performances and instructional videos that can assist the reader in exploring the art of the magic wand.   This bookmark can instantly lead you to several recordings simply by scanning the QR codes provided.   Click the button to download the free pdf.

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