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Wandcraft: Making and Using a Magic Wand

From Theory & Art of Magic Press

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Works by Judge Brown


Wandcraft: Making and Using a Magic Wand, Theory & Art of Magic Press (2020).

(signed copies available from author.  Please inquire.)

The Coney Island Fakir: The Magical Life of Al Flosso, L&L Publishing (1997).

(signed copies available from author.  Please inquire.)

Effects from the Fourth Dimension, Tennessee Magic Emporium (limited ed. 2018)

PK Ring Magic: The Missing Manual, Kindle Publishing (2012) (ebook).  


[Click on underlined text to see online articles]

One Magician Parade, The Linking Ring, (October 2020)

Planning for Disaster (“Outs” Column), The Linking Ring, (January 2020)

The Captain's Nightmare, Vanish (June 2020)

(redesign of the Crazy Compass trick)

The Long Way ‘Round,  Gibecière 30 (Summer 2020) 

(history of the “Magic Sword” pocket illusion).  

MyPhone: The Paper Smartphone Trick, Vanish (April 2020)

The Smallest Marvel, The Linking Ring, (September 2018) (Optical Illusions)

(available free from The Secret Arts Journal)

Henry Slade & His Slates: From Europe to the Fourth Dimension,  Gibecière 23 (Winter 2017).

Squeaky, the Golden Voice  Thrower, Genii (Jan. 2017) 

(available free from the Secret Arts Journal)

Sam’s Pocketful of Miracles, M*U*M, (February 2007)(about Sam Winiger)

Smokin’ Mirrors, Genii (Sept. 2003)

(Use of camouflage techniques by smugglers)

Presto Change-O, Antiques and Collecting, June 2000 (Magic Tokens).  

The Science of Cheating at Cards, 

Am. Heritage of Invention & Tech., (Summer 1998)   

Roll of the Dice, Am. Heritage of Invention & Tech., Summer 1998.  

Flosso, Murder & the Mob, electronically published (1998)

(Al Flosso’s knowledge of the murder of Arnold Rothstein)

Exposing Eusapia: A Medium Well Done

(Colum. C. Today, Spring/Summer 1998)  

Dusty Tomes: A Guide to the History of Magic, 

Magical Past-Times (1998)(with Michael Edwards)

A Lot of History, Magical Past-Times (1998)

Magicians Among the Spirits, Magic (October 1997) (exposure of Eusapia Palladino).

Monday Night Magic: The Previews, Genii (October 1997)

Doug Henning: True Believer, Genii (August 1997)

Shrouded in Mystery: The Mystery School Gala Show, Genii (July 1997) 

Pick a Card, Antiques and Collecting, July 1997.  

Liquid Magic: Think-A-Drink Hoffman, Magicol (February 1997)

To Ask How Is to Ruin a Magician’s Magic, New York Times,12/31/96

(Op-Ed response to the exposure of David Copperfield’s illusions).

The Great World Magic Show, Genii (July 1996) (review of Mystery School Show)

Al Flosso, The Coney Island Fakir, Magicana (June/July 1996)

Grover George: The Man From Beyond, Genii (May 1996)

Like Magic, Antiques and Collecting, Mar. 1996 (about magic lithographs).  

Magic by George, Emmy, Feb. 1996

(Grover George poster on “The Single Guy” TV show).  

World's Greatest Magicians Live, Genii (April 1996)

The Magical Life of Al Flosso, M*U*M, Vol. 85, No. 5 (October 1995)

Patently Obvious, M*U*M, Vol. 85, No. 2 (July 1995)

The Business that Could Not Fail, Audacity, Summer 1995 (rigging the numbers racket). 

The Coney Island Baby Laboratory, 

Am. Heritage of Invention & Tech. (Fall 1994) 

reprinted in Kulture & Technik (Feb. 1995)  

Sawing a Woman in Half, 

Am. Heritage of Invention & Tech. (Winter 1994) 

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